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Registered Massage Therapy Health History Form

Medical History & Assessment

Your initial visit will consist of a consultation of your medical history, as well as an assessment of your current condition.

Your therapist uses this information to make an educated decision on the best approach in treatment for you. 

The first goal is to help relieve your symptoms, and second to prevent any from returning in the future. Keep in mind that it is in your best interest that your massage therapist gathers as much information as possible to provide the most effective treatment for you.


During the hands-on portion of the treatment your therapist will check in with you to make sure you are comfortable with the environment and the pressure being used.

You will be draped (covered) for privacy and your personal comfort. Only areas of the body needing treatment as described during your initial assessment will be exposed, as per individual comfort level.

Based on your health history form and assessment, your therapist might explain that the plan is to take a moderate approach your first visit to avoid the possibility of significant discomfort post treatment. Following treatments can be adjusted as necessary. It is your responsibility to let your therapist know if anything feels uncomfortable or painful; treatment is always determined by your comfort level at all times.


The therapist will discuss any findings and recommendations with you. 

Home care such as patient education or 

stretch and strengthening exercises 

may be prescribed.

Click Here to watch a short video on what to expect during an appointment with a RMT.

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